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Zach Homol – @ZachHomol

Wrist Positioning For Bench Pressing!Motorcycle Wrist

 •Wrist bent to far

 • Pressure from the bar cause strain/pain to the wrist

 •Forces the neck, putting the lifter into a modified “Skull Crusher” during the press. (Less powerful) 

This is a very common mistake made when bench pressing. Lifters start with the wrist too far bent or allow the wrist to bend through the press. Focus on squeezing the bar TIGHTER throughout the entirety of the press from START TO FINISH!

Wrist Positioning For Bench Pressing!-2.jpegOver Compensating

 •Wrists are too straight

 •Easy for bar to slip out of hands 

 •Bar tends to travels toward the legs directly off the chest (Out of Position) 

 •Less force output 

Over compensating, like anything, has a negative effect. Keeping the wrists “too straight” makes pressing more difficult off the chest and holding the bar.

Wrist Positioning For Bench Pressing!-1.jpegThe $ Spot

 •Wrist are slightly bent 

 •Wrist are TIGHT

 •The Bar is resting on the strongest part of the hand -The Palm

 •Bar is directly above the wrists 

I’ve found this position to be most optimal for keeping the wrists healthy and moving heavy weight. I practice squeezing the bar tight as possible and NEVER let my wrists leave position once un-racking the bar!

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