Who Gives A F**K – Dylan Spina

Dylan Spina – @DylanSpina61

We’ve all heard someone say, “Man am I tired of giving a fuck,” “I give no fucks,” or the favorite of the Instagram badass post with the caption, “NO FUCKS GIVEN.” Truth is, every single one of us cares, every single one of us shows certain interest in something a little much. Caring gives us stress and anxiety over something we have minimal control over.

When I first moved here the gym members taught me a valuable less of, “Will this matter when you’re 80 years old?” and this stuck with me. Everything I fret over always comes down to will this affect me in the long run? If it won’t affect me in the long run then it is now hard for me to give it energy.

Everything you’ve done has led you to this moment. This includes failures and triumphs. A lot of people who lose at something, whether it was failing to meet a goal or winning a game, everything has its lessons. Each and every single one of the failures has a lesson that you grow from. If you give a fuck about losing, you’ll forever lose. Losing that one game, not getting that one job, not being accepted into the college of your dreams, or losing your best friend has things to be taken from. Every single instance in which you loose and give a fuck about will drown you forever. The minute you let go and drop that shit is the minute you start to win. It may sound harsh or extreme to be saying don’t give a fuck about losing your best friend or something of that extreme, but don’t. Instead focus that energy on the lessons they taught you. Focus on things you learned from them that will affect you when your 80.

This takes time. It takes patience. And it takes giving a fuck about not giving a fuck.

Strive to only care about the things that will affect you when you’re 80 and everything else, who gives a fuck?! BE BETTER.

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