Week 7: Training With The Competition – Zach Kotecki

Zach Kotecki – @ZachKoteckiFitness

“Right now your competition is training” – Unknown

How hard do you train? Do you think you’re pushing yourself as hard as you can each rep, each set, day in and day out? How badly do you want it? In 11 weeks I will be on stage for my first NPC Physique show and I’m expecting nothing less than a gold medal. I push myself hard, but what I found out is that when I feel even the slightest bit of fatigue or feeling of wanting to let easy, I look up and around at the gym. I’m not looking for people to notice how hard I’m working. No one cares, we all work hard here at IVB, it’s just the culture. I’m looking for one person and one person only, my competition, Jeremy. Jeremy is also doing the show and when I see him busting his ass it makes me want to work even harder. All of a sudden I’m not tired or fatigued anymore. The fear of losing overtakes me and I’m able to push through. I know he is coming for the gold as well. Being able to train with my competition is something I believe we both enjoy. We push each other to be the best we can. We are competing against each other there’s no doubt about that, but we also want each other to succeed. There is no doubt we will be more than ready in 11 weeks.

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