Week 6: Embrace The Pain – Zach Kotecki

Zach Kotecki – @ZachKoteckiFitness

“We must embrace the pain and burn it as fuel for our journey”

This week I want to talk a little about embracing pain. The quote above hits me pretty hard. As I am going through my own journey of an 18-week prep, there have been numerous times in which I have felt pain. It is how you choose to digest and utilize that pain, and even anger at times, that separates you from the rest. From giving up or using it as fuel. This came to me this week as I was doing my squats supersetted with Iso Hamstring Curls, each 4×12. I was into my third set and as went down for my 8th rep or so I was in so much pain. I couldn’t breathe. I tried catching my breath but knew I couldn’t do so without the possibility of passing out to finish the set. Even worse is that I knew what the rest of the workout was calling for. I looked up, stared myself in the face and said to myself “Lets fucking go, you signed up for this and you’re going to win because you don’t give up.” I finished the workout plus my cardio that day and knew that some rough weeks were ahead. Rather than being worried about those times I now am welcoming them. You can try to break me but it’s not easy. No one cares if you’re tired, sore or hurt. Suck it up and embrace the pain.

12 Weeks To Go..

Zach Kotecki, NSCA-CPT, TSAC-F

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