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Zach Kotecki – @ZachKoteckiFitness

What’s up guys! Week 3 is officially in the books. This week was a bit different for me compared to the first 2 weeks. My workouts have changed, I am now doing legs every 72 hours and these days continue to be the most physically and mentally challenging. I am now performing my cardio fasted in the mornings, 30 minutes now, 4 days a week. This is a significant change from the 20 minutes just 3 days a week whenever I wanted during the first 2 weeks. I have noticed a big difference in my physique with this alone. That added 40 minutes of cardio per week is killer!

My diet is roughly the same. I’m cutting back on a few fats and carbs here and there but still eating a decent amount of food throughout the day. My protein post workout has dropped a 1/2 scoop and my re-feed days are every 4th day. I finished the week with a 181.5 bodyweight. Not as huge of a difference as prior, but I continue to see physical changes in the mirror.

This week I was allowed to go out and have few drinks with some college friends and on Sunday I was granted a slice of Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory with my girlfriend for our Valentines Day. I had the S’mores cheesecake! This tasted like heaven. I definitely enjoyed this cheat to its full potential. However, I found myself judging my physique instantly after and kind of regretting eating it.

It’s all in my head. I think this is something that is going to happen a lot as the journey continues on. I’ve always been one to be extremely hard on myself and thought I would struggle with this as time went on. I’ve got to remember that it is all in my head and that it is ok to indulge in foods every once in a while! Be human, be focused on your end goal, but it is ok to be normal too.

I’m looking forward to getting back on track this week and to make forward progress. Each day is a journey. Each is filled with its own struggles and hardships. I remind myself everyday that I was the one who signed up for this and that I can make it through. The challenge, the journey, the fact that not everyone can do this, is what makes me want to keep going.

Until next week,

Zach Kotecki, NSCA-CPT, TSAC-F

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