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-The representation of an object, situation, or set of information as a chart or other image.

-The formation of a mental image of something.


Lifting heavy weights has taught me many life lessons; visualization being one of the most important. Climbing underneath 700 plus pounds, weighing only 180lbs can seem overwhelming. The pressure of the bar against my back feels as if the whole world is coming down on me. My eyes water from a mix of emotions: fear, anger, self belief and extreme focus. What happens next has happened a thousand times over, only in my mind. But then again, what even is my reality?
If I have simulated the pressure, envisioned the completion thousands and thousands of times over, my reality is but a minute away. 

I take this with me everywhere I go, in nearly all important situations. I envisioned owning a gym many times over before ever stepping foot in my gym. I envisioned the atmosphere, the raw emotion, hundreds of people flocking from all over the world to visit. I saw it long before it ever happened. Now it’s my reality, just as I saw thousands of times before.

Having the ability to clearly envision yourself in the position you want to be in will not only prepare you for the situation, but make that situation YOUR REALITY. 



 Last week we discussed goals. Now let’s focus on envisioning those goals coming to reality. Below restate your 3 goals that you have from last week. After writing each goal, STOP. Spend 3-5 minutes in total thought, envisioning not only how you will accomplish this goal, but the emotions you will feel when accomplishing this goal. Let the feeling overwhelm you with joy. Live in it, believe in it, picture this feeling and this emotion as your future. Do this again with EACH GOAL. Then do this every single day.  EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. with each of your top 3 goals. 

 After you have envisioned each goal write down underneath each of the 3 goals what you have envisioned. Write as much as you can about what you have envisioned, putting it into words! Save this worksheet and revisit frequently. 


-Goal 1:


-Goal 2:


-Goal 3:



Pressure- “Pressure makes diamonds”
If you want anything worth having, pressure is sure to be involved. And with pressure comes emotionally charged decisions. Have you ever said something out loud and immediately regretted it? I know I have. It comes directly from my emotions. When next week rolls around the emotions from that conversation fade away but, for all other parties involved, may have an ever lasting impression of an emotionally charged statement that I delivered that may still live in their minds. The old saying “think before you speak” is relevant every single day in every one of our lives. 

Quickly, I realized that my old way of thinking “F*** It,”  followed by a worthless excuses wasn’t going to get me very far in life. If I was going to make any type of a real impact on this world I would have to raise my emotional capacity. If you don’t fall into this category you’re either Jesus or naive = ). Here is a quick example: We make biased statements on Facebook and Twitter, then get emotionally charged when someone else doesn’t agree. We then again allow our heart to be filled with more anger, now lashing back out at the person that didn’t agree with our statement, that was biased to begin with. This doesn’t just happen on Facebook and Twitter, it happens every single day in millions of conversations. All of which can be passed over if one of the parties involved would work to raise their emotional capacity.

Pressure builds emotion. 
ENVISION THIS: LARGE GOALS & DREAMS COME WITH GREAT PRESSURE (after all, anything worth having doesn’t come easy) It is not possible to achieve these GOALS & DREAMS without envisioning ALL PRESSURE’S that come with the territory.  

To believe something that means so much to you will come with no adversity is highly unlikely. It’s impossible, seeing how all lives are affected with some sort of adversity at one time or another. 


Now, take a few minutes to re-envision each of your top 3 goals. But this time, instead only envisioning the JOY and HAPPINESS that will come from accomplishing each, take the time to envision some of the adversity that you will (may) have to face along the way. Think of some of the obstacles that are directly in front of you right now. Then begin to envision solutions for each of the obstacles. Potential ways around them. 

No one is going to think you’re crazy (yet) ha! Because you have just now started to envision them. You will not be “crazy” until you start expressing what you have been envisioning to others. Explaining your vision that you have worked so hard to create inside your mind. Of course it sounds crazy to others, no one has the exact vision you have, with the exact circumstances you have. Every vision you have may seem foreign to your peers – don’t expect others to share the understanding of a vision that has been created by you- It was never their vision to understand. 

Rewrite each vision with as many obstacles or adversities that you can think of that you might face along the way. Work on creating solutions to each obstacle you will have directly in front of you. Write down those solutions, even if the first solution doesn’t work, at least now you know what NOT to try again* 


Goal 1:


Goal 2:


Goal 3:



I look forward to hearing back from each of you on this email! I will not be able to create your vision for you. It’s not mine to create or disrupt. But sharing it will allow you to express your dreams outward (with me) I suggest you start expressing these dreams with more people as well. Be ready for most of those people to not understand you, think you are crazy and not give you the response back you want. This will then create emotion inside of you, but remember: you can not change what people say or do, only the way you react. This will be great practice on RAISING YOUR EMOTIONAL CAPACITY! 

“I don’t expect average people to believe in my above average dreams” 


The world is yours


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