Vacation – Dylan Spina

Vacation – Dylan Spina

Dylan Spina – @DylanSpina61

Its 2018, everyone who is in search of personal/self-development knows about the crazy mindset you must have to make things work when you’re trying to work for yourself. Especially those who consume a lot of Gary Vee material. His mindset about everything is 100% balls to the wall. Every minute that you’re not either working or working to better yourself is a waste of time. That the moment you take a break someone is going to come and take your spot and be miles ahead of you. That you won’t be your best if you take that break.

Surrounding yourself with different minded people, ones that understand how things work when working for yourself and getting to understand people individually, can change that mindset.

 I’m not going to lie I fell victim of that “Gary Vee” mindset of a minute not working is a minute wasted.  I looked for ways when scheduled weekends away or a trip back home to see the family as short as possible. I get there, say Hi, come back and get to work; all because I’m afraid to lose to myself and my work, in fear of someone getting better than me while I take a break. After all aren’t breaks for the weak?

I was dead set in this mindset up until maybe 4 months ago, when realizing I was starting to get burned out. I felt as if I was forcing every piece of content I posted, getting stagnant with training, and getting irritated with those around me. It was around that time when a friend from the Marine Corps called me and asked if I wanted to come out to Utah and Idaho and go camping with the family. Family I haven’t seen in a year at that point. I was still super hesitant. To be honest, I was super hesitant even on the day I left.

Once I got there I was able to relax. The family welcomed me like I had never left. There was no service and spotty Wi-Fi at the campground. I knew once I discovered that, that this was my chance to disconnect. Was I nervous and anxious at first? Yes. Was I in fear of missing something big back in Indy? Yes. Was I worried my numbers would drop dramatically since I’m only doing body weight exercises? Yes. Worried about everything. But this was my chance. I was able to enjoy the time spent out disconnected from it all.

Living in the moment while out there did wonders to my mental health. Watching the little ones enjoy their carefree life riding bikes and throwing rocks. To every second floating on the river or in a hot spring. Eating Laffy Taffy’s around a campfire playing “Who did games” at one in the morning. The hours went fast, the days faster looking back at it. That was the mental reset.

Coming back from the trip, I was a little hesitant to see where my momentum would carry me. Putting positive energy back out into the universe in hopes it would carry me. Instead of dreading that someone out there is ahead of me, instead of worrying about starting off badly I just showed up. Carried on like any other day, knowing if I was doing the little things, everything will follow suite. Just like in the “Positive Vibes” article I wrote back in the beginning of the year, small positive steps will help catch a Big Positive momentum. And you’ll be back recharge and refreshed 10x more then you were before the break. Work will be more enjoyable, training will feel like it did when you first fell in love with it, and everything will be back to normal in no time.

Bottom Line don’t be scared to take that vacation disconnect for a couple of days, you’ll be better in the end if you believe that you will.

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