Hey, glad you’re here


I’m sure you’ve been seeing & are interested in my latest training split: The Ultimate Athlete Training Protocol.


Over the past 16 years of training I’ve developed a variety of different programs to test my body’s abilities. From getting as strong as I possibly could (720 Squat, 465 Bench, 705 Deadlift at 181lbs), Winning the 2018 KY Strongest Man & 2020 NY Strongest Man, to getting as shredded as possible & doing a once in a life time photo shoot at the famous Muscle Beach!

I’ve done a lot of crazy things when it comes to the Iron. This time is no different. It’s actually more motivating than ever.

My current goal is bring a package like I never have before!! To program my training to improve: Strength, Aesthetics, Mobility & overall Athleticism!

To become the most athletic version of myself!! & since y’all have been asking- I’m excited to offer this exact training protocol to you

The Ultimate Athlete Protocol will be both challenging & intriguing.

You’ll be challenged in many ways while doing exercises you may have never done before.

This is an incredible split for anyone, at any age & with any style of gym!

The books comes complete with:

  • 4 weeks of programming
  • 2 recommended nutrition plans
  • A grocery list for meals
  • Video library of all exercises found in the book!

The book will have recommended exercises adjustments to accommodate your training facility

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