Training Select Athletes All Over the World

JHey, I’m Zach.  If this is our first time meeting, I’m a strongman and powerlifting competitor, former coal miner, Man of God, troublemaker, and friend and motivator to all kinds of athletes. From top level college and professional competitors to general fitness seekers When I started Iron Valley Barbell, most of the athletes I trained were right in front of me in Indianapolis. Tens of thousands of social media followers later, the number one way I help athletes succeed is through ebooks and programs. (Check out my premier training product, Perfecting Percentages, here).  But  I still love training one-on-one.  Today, my training session may be with a power lifter in Belgium, followed by a college athlete in California.  When an athlete trains with me personally, rather than following my programming through ebooks and videos, it’s for three reasons. 

1. To Speed Up Results

 Whether it’s becuse you’re an athlete with a competition deadline or a busy executive who need optimized workouts for a tight schedule,  the athletes I train virtually around the world are looking for results fast.

2. To Customize Their Training for a Specific Goal

Whether it’s to increase a sport-specific training element (like explosive power and agility) or rapid weight loss and strength gains, the clients I train around the world know where they want to go, and I help break through barriers to get there.

3. For Expert Feedback and Coaching

Every athlete is different. To maximize results, you need someone who is laser focused on providinggame changing and training in real time so you avoid injury, aren’t plagued with doubt about technique and experience dramatic results.

From LeBron James to Conor McGregor, the very best in the world stay on top with the help of expert coaches. To reach your full potential, you need a guide. 


I can only train a certain number of clients at a time, and demand continues to grow as I connect with more people through my social media channels. 

If you’re serious about getting results, share your information below  to join the wait list, and someone from my team will be in touch soon.

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