Training For Something – Zach Kotecki

Zach Kotecki – @ZachKoteckiFitness

As I have been training for my first NPC Physique show I have noticed my training level up 100%. Even if my mind isn’t all there, there’s that underlying voice in my head telling me you have to do this because there’s a date on that calendar. I know that somewhere right now my competition is training and they want it just as bad as I do. There’s a reason as to why I am training. Looking around at others training in the gym and seeing them work their asses off and train hard excites me. It makes me want to always be working towards something. Thinking back to workouts in the summer or years past if there was an exercise I didn’t like or a set I didn’t want to do, I just wouldn’t. I would often skip things without caring or giving much thought to it because there was nothing closing down on me, no date on the calendar. I think that now having that urgency, that drive is pushing me even harder to be my best. Once my prep is done and over with I will for sure be eyeing up another event, whatever it may be. Having that goal or date on the calendar to work towards lights a fire in me. I want to be the best at whatever I do, I want to always be working towards something.

I will be forever pushing.

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