The Voice Of Resistance – Aurora Arlt

The Voice Of Resistance – Aurora Arlt

Aurora Arlt – @Aurora_HealthyFit

We’ve all had that little voice in our head. You know? The one that tells you, “You aren’t good enough. Who are you to think that you can do this? Why would it be you that succeeds?” That voice; that evil, little, nagging voice that cripples us by sucking out all of our confidence and self-worth. It is the voice of resistance.

This voice of resistance wears us down. When you feel like crap about yourself, because you (or what you think is you) keeps telling yourself that you are crap, you probably aren’t going to take risks and put yourself out there for a chance at success. You are going to retreat and hide away in the safeness of your misery. Because at least that place is familiar and predictable. The familiarity of misery becomes comforting.

But what kind of life is that? I just couldn’t accept that. I can’t accept that. I want to succeed and build greatness. I know that in order to do that I have to be willing to take risks and lose everything. I have to know that when that does happen, I will be okay. It is not a reflection on myself as a failure, but simply that one idea or decision didn’t work out. And that’s okay. I can learn from that loss and apply that knowledge to the next idea in hopes of it having a greater chance at succeeding.

All of us have this voice of resistance within us.  So, how do we get to this point where, despite that negative force, we push forward and accomplish. From what I can gather, those who succeed have developed techniques to overcome this force and turn it into something positive and productive.

Here are some tips for developing the techniques to beat the voice of resistance:

Tip #1: The voice of resistance will never go away.

Accept that the negative force will always be there. Start to become familiar with it. Pay attention to the feelings, thoughts and actions that it brings so that you can start to feel more in control of yourself and your intentions in those moments.

Tip #2:  Train your mind and body to give you the will, the energy, and the strength to overcome it.

It will be a daily practice of defeating the voice of resistance. You will grow stronger with training. Take a look at the next step for one way to train.

Tip #3: Dissociate yourself from that voice.

That negative force that brings about all of those nasty things you hear in your head, that’s not you. It might be inside of you, but it’s not you. So, externalize it. Give it a name. Like Maleficent or Ursula. When you can name it and externalize it, you can immediately recognize that negative force pushing back against you. And you can say “Not today, Ursula. Because I am stronger than you.” This might sound silly, but seriously, awareness is the first step to any sort of growth. And by being able to clearly identify it, you then have the control to overcome it. Otherwise, it will continue to consume you and hinder you in every way.

Tip # 4: Be your best friend.

Imagine if a friend or a close family member came to you and said, “I really want to do this, but I know I’m not smart enough or talented enough.” What would you say that person? You’d likely say, “Hey! Don’t be so rough on yourself. Are you kidding me? You are amazing. You are plenty good enough to do anything you set your mind to.” Because you are a kind and compassionate person. SO – Why not start actively talking to yourself as if you were talking to this friend? We tend to treat others way better than we do ourselves. And why is that? Don’t we deserve the same love we give to others? Wouldn’t life feel so much sweeter and warmer if we could love and assure ourselves the same way we do with friends? Yeah, I think it would be. So, let’s try that. Be kinder to yourself. Give more love to yourself. You deserve that.

Let’s kick that voice of resistance straight in the ass and prove it wrong by growing into the greatest versions of ourselves. I believe in YOU! Go be great!

About the Author: Aurora Arlt is a certified personal trainer and transformation specialist for busy, working professional parents. She is also the owner of Aurora Health and Fitness, a happy community of hard-working, determined, and empowered individuals.

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