The Struggle Of Our Mind

The Struggle Of Our Mind

The Struggle of Our Mind

When we entertain a thought like, “I can’t do this” or “this is too hard” or “this is impossible”… what you are doing is allowing that thought to take residency in your mind. The more the mind concentrates on a specific thought, the more that positive or negative emotion encompasses our brain. With that thought process, we begin to look at the world more cynical as we have now entertained and trained our mind to see “life” as impossible and too hard.

Growing a thought into more of a positive one takes self awareness.

Self awareness is staying in conversation with ourself to ensure our minds are staying strong and clear. When we feel an emotion and begin to create a memory of it, it only takes 90 seconds for that emotion to become a thought. We have 90 seconds to feel whatever we need to feel (good or bad), but it is in the moments after that decides how large of a space we allow that thought to reside in our minds.

Ever had that negative interaction with a specific person and you concentrate on the conversation so much that it pops in your head multiple times a day? Your blood begins to boil the same, the tightness in your chest flares up, and your frustrations creep in affecting your work and home life. What you continue to focus on in your mind only grows. You have to ask yourself, “Will I allow this to take root or will my awareness of it coach me through a more healthy evaluation of that thought?” This doesn’t mean what has happened to you is right but instead it’s the choice you make to not allow this interaction to define your inner peace and happiness. Your work and home life will begin to benefit because you are in more control of your thoughts and what you allow to reside in your mind.

Fill your mind with what is good. This kind of thinking is valuable in every aspect of life. I’ve allowed the struggles of life to fill my mind with a victimized mentality because I granted those circumstances to weaken my ability for greatness. I can boldly say that because I have received the tools to help me understand this. I am now able to reflect back to a season in my life that kept me a prisoner to this victim mentality… and by the culture we live, it was embraced for me to live as a cynic. Not many really want you to be happy because that means they have to get real with the unhappiness in their life. What is unfortunate about that type of normalcy is the shift of what happens to us is now placed in the hands of others acceptance and interaction with us.

We give other people the power to decide our worth. Is the pain of self awareness and being real with ourselves worth giving up? Is our pride as humanity truly that strong? Why are we allowing the things we don’t understand to occupy that much residency in our minds? Unfortunately, it is pride that keeps us grounded in cynicism. Take your pride and evaluate it today. Ask yourself, “What is occupying my mind? What negative thought continues to take over my happiness? Where do I fail to take ownership in my clumsiness instead of blaming the chair for my now throbbing toe? Where can I take ownership in the car driving slow in front of me because I woke up late?”

Shift your mindset to start owning your life and stop allowing others access to dictating it. Your mind, your life, your happiness: it’s time to get it back.

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