The Bench Press Set Up! – Zach Homol

Zach Homol – @ZachHomolPower

Setting up on the flat bench press is far more in depth than just lying down, grabbing the bar, unracking the weight, descending the bar to your chest, then pressing up. Though this can be done and considered a “Bench Press” it’s just not the most efficient or effective way to go about getting the most weight up as possible. Through this article and video below I am going to take you step by step through my set up and my reasoning behind why/how I set up on the flat bench. By practicing this set-up technique you will find:

  1. Less strain on your shoulders
  2. How to create an effective UPPER BACK ARCH 
  3. A shorter ROM (Range on Motion)
  4. Lat engagement
  5. How to hold your arch throughout the movement 
  6. Why/ How to utilize your traps on the bench press
  7. Leg drive and how to utilize it
  8. Breathing Techniques 
  9. Wrist and Hand Placement & Why
  10. Foot Placement & Why 
  11. More force output (Bigger Lifts) – MORE PR’s! 
  12. Recommend Training Gear 


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