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Dylan Spina – @DylanSpina61

The use of the Hook Grip in strength sports has been around for ages. Lately I’ve been noticing an uptake in Hook Grip usage amongst lifters young and old. Mainly to stray away from a flop grip and to lessen the chance of bicep tears utilizing that grip.

The Hook Grip, when done properly, can mimic the use of weight lifting straps. The problem that comes with this is all the pressure of the bar is now on your thumbs. In an area where calluses  don’t normally build up. And it hurts like a bitch. I for one strayed away from the Hook Grip because I didn’t think the risk (pain) versus the reward was that much greater. Others absolutely love it and swear up and down by it.

There’s ways to help build up the callus other than just beating your thumbs up. One of them is taping your thumbs. The tape makes the callus process easier and less painful. Of course there’s many ways to skin this cat and I want to be able to share with you our preferred way of taping.


1) Grab a piece of athletic tape about 12-18”

2) Rip that piece long ways down the middle

3) Start by wrapping underneath the thumb

4) Wrap around once, then on the inside of the thumb make a diagonal cross to the top of the thumb

5) Then straight across the the backside of the thumb down the inside diagonally making an “X” on the inside

6) Wrap the bottom one more time making sure to rip the end of the tape on the back side

7) Ensure the lifter can bend their thumb then wrap the other

8) Lift some heavy weight

Watch a demonstration here: 


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