Stupid Pump Leg Workout! – Jeromy Bryk

Jeromy Bryk – @Bryk_Squuaadd

What’s up guys. This week I wanted to share with you one of the best leg workouts I have had in recent memory. The pump was unreal! The goal is to get as much blood into your quads and hamstrings in as little time as possible, so expect to get some cardio in here too. Push the pace and dig deep on this one! Enjoy!

Pre Exhaust: Leg Curls: Single Leg: 3×20 each leg

  • Since these are pre exhaust sets, I recommend using a light to moderate weight and focusing on establishing the mind to muscle connection. I personally used hamstring curls to start this workout as my hamstrings have been a priority leading into this show. You may want to sub in leg extensions if you feel your quads need more work.

High Bar Squat: 10,10,8,6—Slow Tempo Close Stance

  • The focus here should be on the quads, with the close stance high bar position. Count 1-2-3 on the way down and explode out of the hole!

Superset: Leg Press: 4×15: HEAVY —- GHD 4×10

  • Load up the leg press with as much weight as you possibly can for some heavy sets of 15. Push the pace, no more than 1 min rest between sets. Use a shoulder width stance here!
  • Slow and controlled on the GHD, use additional weight if needed. Focus on full range of motion here. Drive the heels into the back of the platform!

Hack Squat: 10 wide stance w/toes out> 10 mid stance> 10 narrow stance: Repeat x3 rounds! 

  • On this exercise, you will need to go lighter on the weight than you would on a normal set of hack squats, after all it’s 30 reps total in each set. Take no rest in between sets of 10, and take a 1 minute break between rounds.

Giant Set Finishers: Leg Extension: 4×25—Leg Curl: 4×25—Split Squat: 4×20 each leg or Sissy Squat: 4×25 

  • By this point of the workout you will be drained if you did it right. Dig deep and finish strong. For the leg extension and leg curl keep the weight moderate and focus on controlling the weight. You will have your choice of split squats with your back foot elevated or Sissy Squats, both of which can be done body weight. Make the legs SCREAM at the end here, finish strong!!

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