The Twelve Week Program

Perfecting Percentages

To Help You Achieve the Impossible.

After 15 years of training fitness enthusiasts, power lifters, bodybuilders, strongman competitors, professional and collegiate athletes, it became clear to me what our industry is lacking.

From proper positioning and form, weakness development, nutrition and understanding the flow of training, all of these objectives must be strategically met in order to reach your highest potential.

I’ve taken in all of this data and insight over the past 15 years of coaching and condensed it into my premier training package, Perfecting Percentages.

The good news is, this package covers all of the points mentioned above! Perfecting Percentages teaches proper form and positioning with over 100 photo and video demonstrations included in the complete exercise guide.

You’ll learn not only how to point out and develop your weaknesses, but how to systematically set up your nutrition and programming to achieve and surpass your current goals.

Welcome to Perfecting Percentages.

A Proven Plan

Top athletes in multiple sports have already completed Perfecting Percentages this year, to massive results! 

The Right Nutrition

 No more guessing at the grocery store or meal time. A day-by-day guide for what to eat to build strength like never before. 

Customized for You

A one-on-one phone call ensures Perfecting Percentages is cusomtized to meet your goals.


I want to stress that this is NOT a “couch to 5K” type of workout plan. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro athlete or haven’t touched a weight since high school, what’s important is that you’re ready to put in the work for real results!

If you’re  looking to hit solid gains over the next four months, then you’re on the right path. Check out what my Michael texted me just last week. A 20 lb improvement in fourteen days! 

If you want to see more real world results, I share them frequently on my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Here’s just some of what athletes tell me they love about Perfecting Percentages:

  • TWO in depth nutrition plans (weight loss/weight gain) by nutrition specialist Dylan Spina
  • Jam Packed with motivation to keep you going.
  • 12 weeks of systematically structured peak programming
  • 75+ exercise videos / 150+


It’s the start of summer, which is the perfect time to focus on your fitness, level up and hit new goals!

Which is why I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

If you want to try out Perfecting Percentages, get week one for FREE right now.

You only have 30 days to take advantage of this one-time offer, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Just click the button below, and get started on the best summer of your life.

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