Protein Powder Makes Women Bulky?!?! – Stephanie Bauman

Stephanie Bauman – @TrainerSteph7

There are so many false rumors that revolve around women and the fitness industry. One of the biggest ones that I hear from women is they don’t want to drink protein powder because they believe it will make them bulky. Or they don’t want to bulk up so they won’t drink it. Why is there so much misinterpreted information with women and fitness? Why do us women compare ourselves and our bodies to men? We see men drinking protein and working out and we automatically assume that if we start doing the same thing that our bodies will be like theirs; big, muscular and bulky. Do we not realize that men and women are so different, especially when it comes to how our bodies look?

First and foremost:Women don’t have enough testosterone to put on the size and muscle as men do.

Secondly: Both men and women need protein.

Thirdly: Protein can actually help women slim down and lose weight.

It takes years of effort, discipline and genetics to build the type of muscle you see with bodybuilders. But, you need protein to build the lean muscle you see on models and fitness role models. Protein powder is great source to help you get your daily intake of protein in a day if you can’t get it all from natural foods. Depending on your goals, how much protein you should be eating a day will vary. For most of my women I always suggest .8g-1.1g per pound of body weight of protein a day! It’s an essential nutrient that will help you stay fuller longer and help you build lean muscle. It will not make you bulky!!

Here are some other key points that protein does for you body:

  • Stabilizes your energy level and appetite
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Helps against muscle loss
  • Helps you burn calories more effectively

Key point is Protein Powder will not make women bulky. It is a key nutrient that will help build lean muscle all while keep you full longer and providing your body with the proper nutrient!

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