Welcome to the REPS training E Book! Over the next 8 weeks of training we will be taking ourselves into deep waters consistently! This E Book was specifically designed to create a STRONGER and LEANER physique. Just in time to get LEAN and MEAN for summer!


•8Weeks of my REPS Programming

•2 recommend nutrition plans: (Lean and Mean) (Lean Mass)

•A complete exercise guide to ensure every movement is done correctly.

•A video library – A complete breakdown of the E-Book programming, an understanding of my philosophy, and complete understanding of movements!

Who is this programming for?

•Anyone who is searching to increase muscle size and strength!

Is this a bulk program or shredz program?

•It can be utilized for BOTH!  The determining factor will be based off of your choice of the recommended nutrition plans.

How long does a typical workout last?

•All of the workouts have an approximate time of completion inside of each training session. Sessions last 45mins-1 hour and 20 mins. Average session being 1 hour!

Can I use this program at any gym?

•YES, this program can be used at any gym! From commercial, garage to hardcore!

Program Breakdown:

Based off of 100%

BIGGER: 33.3%


LEANER: 33.3%

This programming is designed to make the lifter/athlete equally BIGGER, STRONGER & LEANER throughout the 8 week course!  This is the complete training guide to STRENGTH, SIZE, & AESTHETICS



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