POWERBUILDING – THE 24/7 PUMP- The complete training guide to STRENGTH, SIZE, & AESTHETICS!

Over the next 8 weeks you will be taking your mind and body to levels you never thought imaginable.  This complex breakdown of PowerLifing fundamentals, paired with specific accessory movements to aid in weakness development, will begin to take your strength to new heights!  This training is designed to hit your weakness right in the mouth! Canceling out any weak links that are holding us back from developing into our full strength potential. When is comes to the “building,” I’ve pulled out a ton of tricks I’ve had up my sleeve! From timed training sessions, supersets, giant sets, and drops sets to TUT (Time Under Tension) we will be living out the title of the training E-Book “ the 24/7 Pump.”  This Ebook Programming has been specifically designed to engineer a BIGGER & STRONGER physique!


•8Weeks of my POWERBUILDING Programming

•2 recommend nutrition plans: (Lean and Mean) (Lean Mass)

•A complete exercise guide to ensure every movement is done correctly.

•A video library – A complete breakdown of the E-Book programming, an understanding of my philosophy, and complete understanding of movements!

Who is this programming for?

•Anyone who is searching to increase muscle size and strength!

Is this a bulk program or shredz program?

•It can be utilized for BOTH!  The determining factor will be based off of your choice of the recommended nutrition plans.

How long does a typical workout last?

•All of the workouts have an approximate time of completion inside of each training session. Sessions last 45mins-1 hour and 20 mins. Average session being 1 hour!

Can I use this program at any gym?

•YES, this program can be used at any gym! From commercial, garage to hardcore!

Program Breakdown:

Based off of 100%

BIGGER: 33.3%


LEANER: 33.3%

This programming is designed to make the lifter/athlete equally BIGGER, STRONGER & LEANER throughout the 8 week course!  This is the complete training guide to STRENGTH, SIZE, & AESTHETICS

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