Power Phase


Power Phase


Welcome to POWER PHASE!
Power Phase is a 9 week peak program.
A peak program is structured to prepare your mind & body for top physical & mental condition on week 9!
I’ve taken a unique approach to this training split as you will see over the next 9 weeks.
From Powerlifting to Strongman to bodybuilding style workouts this program will constantly leave the body guessing and progressing!
You’ll find every Saturday is a “competition style” day. For Strongman competitors you’ll see log press at the beginning of Saturday deadlifts. Followed with deadlift then a carry event. This will be great GPP for powerlifters & body builders!
This split can be 4,5 or 6 days a week!

My email is always available for questions: IronValleyBarbell@gmail.com

Let’s. GO!!!



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