Power Aesthetics & Jay's Complete Nutrition Guide Combo


Power Aesthetics & Jay’s Complete Nutrition Guide Combo


Power Aesthetics includes:

  • Unique combination of Strongman, Powerlifting, and Bodybuilding styles of training as well as Cardio/GPP!
  • Complete exercise guide with video/picture library!
  • 2 complete nutrition plans, one for leaning out, and one for packing on lean mass!
  • 6 Day/Week Programming. Can be modified to 4 or 5 days week. 
  • Can be done at any style gym: Commercial, Hardcore or Garage!


Jay’s Complete Nutrition Guide includes:

  • Easily digestible guide to understanding high quality nutrition, sustainable weight loss and how to live a healthy lifestyle 
  • Learn how to achieve your weight loss goals without having to crash diet or deprive yourself of all those delicious foods that you love like pizza, ice cream and everything in between
  • 5 complete nutrition guides created to suit different types of individuals from endomorphs to ectomorphs. An in depth grocery list is included as well


Upon purchase find your Power Aesthetics & Jay’s Complete Nutrition Guide ebook in your email through a downloadable link or on your IronValleyBarbell account.



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