Cut It Out | Beginner/Intermediate


Cut It Out | Beginner/Intermediate


Cut It Out Beginner/Intermediate 

  • Upper Body: 55%
  • Lower Body: 35%
  • Cardio: 10%

What’s Included? 

  • 4 Week Workout Program
  • 2 Nutrition Plans
  • 3 Workouts A Week For Beginners level
  • 4 Workouts A Week For Intermediate level
  • Full Detailed Exercise Guide
  • Grocery List with macronutrients

Cut It Out Beginner/Intermediate program is designed for those who are looking to get started on their fitness journey. I developed this program to suit the needs of the very beginner in the gym to the average gym goer who is just looking to get after it a few days a week. This is a 4 week program with just 3 workouts a week (and an optional 4th day for the intermediate). The focus of this program is designed to tone your upper body, lose some of that stubborn back fat, start tightening up that booty and develop healthy habits along the way. With 2 different meal plans built inside the e book, this plan is sure to get you on your way to reaching your fitness goals. Let’s finally feel confident in our skin and Cut It Out together ladies!

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