Cut It Out | Advanced


Cut It Out | Advanced


Cut It Out Advanced 

  • Upper Body 55%
  • Lower Body: 35%
  • Cardio: 10%

What’s Included? 

  • 4 Week Program
  • 2 Nutrition Plans
  • 5 Workouts A Week
  • Full Detailed Exercise Guide
  • Grocery list with macronutrients

Cut It Out Advanced program is designed for women who are looking to cut out some of that unwanted back and bra fat. This program will help shape your arms, tone your back, shrink your waist, tighten your booty and give you that confidence to feel good in your skin! Through this 4 week (5 days a week) workout program, you have all the ingredients to take your body to its next level. On top of the workouts there are also 2 meal plans inside this e book built to assist you in your fitness goals. The time is now yours ladies. Let’s Cut It Out together and feel confident in our summer bodies!

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