Bigger. Stronger. Leaner. E-Book


Bigger. Stronger. Leaner. E-Book


Bigger. Stronger. Leaner. 

•Bigger 33.3%

•Stronger 33.3%

•Leaner 33.3%

What’s Included?

-8 Week Program

-2 Nutrition plans ((CLEAN MASS and LEAN & MEAN))

-Full Grocery list with macronutrient breakdown

-Full exercise guide explanations

-Private video library with in depth exercise breakdowns

-Programming Explanation

This program speaks for itself! I designed this program to suit everyone. You will see your body grow more muscle. You will see yourself adding weight on the bar as you get stronger through the 8 week program. You will do all of this while maintaining a lower body fat percentage and staying lean. I cracked the code! Get Bigger. Stronger. Leaner.

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