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Zach Kotecki – @ZachKoteckiFitness

What’s up everyone! Thanks for keeping up with my journey as I go through this 18 week prep for my physique show on June 2nd. Week 2 had its ups and downs. I finished Week 1 weighing in the 183lbs range and through the week I floated around that mark the whole time. I was able to end up at 182.2lbs to end my second week of prep.

My diet didn’t change at all from the previous week. So far my phases are going in 2 week spans. So starting week 3 I will have all new workouts and a new diet structure. Throughout the week I stayed 100% true to my diet, had zero cheat meals and only missed 1 meal due to daily life that comes up. The hardest part for me during this week was dealing with cravings. All week long I had the urge to eat pancakes. Not sure why but I even had dreams about some big fluffy, buttery, chocolate chip pancakes. So best believe this will be happening at some point when I get a cheat meal!

My workouts this week were on fire! I can notice my body starting to shape itself. I am quickly becoming addicted to this style of training. Every workout is challenging. By the time I am done between the core work, the time under tension and the posing between sets and after the workout, I am exhausted. Leg days are the most mentally and physically challenging. There were multiple times this week in which I easily could’ve thrown up from the amount of volume my body went through.

All in all this week flew by compared to my first week. I am now 16 weeks out from the final package and already can see the type of frame by body is shaping into. The demand on my body and level of determination to succeed rises each and every day. It’s safe to say that I am ready to attack the next 16!

Until next week.

If anyone has questions about the style of training or dieting feel free to email me at zachivbtraining@gmail.com or DM on IG: @Zachkoteckifitness.

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