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Rocky Hall – @Rocky.Hall

Do you want to get that promotion at work, the date with your dream girl or finally get that PR you’ve been chasing? It all starts with your mindset. 

People always ask “how’s it going?” Ever since I was young I remember responding with “living the dream.” Even when things weren’t going my way, the mindset and response remained the same. How you choose to view the situation determines your outcome. During college I was going to school full time, working at a tire shop on the weekends and making about $600/month. Somehow, I was able to pay rent, buy food and, of course, keep a gym membership. During this tough time my goals and mindset never changed. I knew that in order to reach my dreams of graduating and opening my own business that I had to grind. Each day was a step in the right direction towards the greater purpose.

When you have a positive mindset anything becomes possible. Bad situations are going to present themselves in your life, it’s inevitable. The only thing that matters is how you choose to handle them. If you approach the problem as though it’s an opportunity to overcome and to work towards something greater then you will always come out on top. When you encounter a problem you either choose to use it as an excuse to quit or as an opportunity to grow. 

This mindset applies to everything we do, including the weight room. Your mind is your greatest tool and strongest assest. In order to lift a weight that you’ve never lifted before, first you need to mentally believe you are capable of it. I seen a ton of guys approach the rack going for a new PR and they’ve already missed the lift because in their mind they’ve already decided that it’s too heavy. They lack the confidence in themselves. On the opposite end of the spectrum I’ve seen some guys approach the rack with that aggressive look in their eye and grab a 20lb PR because they had already visualized this moment. They knew they had put in the work ahead of time and they believed in their abilities. 

To achieve your goals, first you need to see yourself succeeding. Visualize yourself over and over again being successful. Next, figure out what you need to do to put yourself in a place to achieve these goals. What steps do you need to take? Finally, go and get what you want and don’t let anything or anyone stop you. If the plan doesn’t work then change the plan, but never the goal. I guarantee there will be speed bumps along the way but the struggle is what makes it that much sweeter. Live your dream.  

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