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Dylan Spina – @DylanSpina61

I know what you’re thinking, what type of hippie shit is Dylan going to say in this article?! The truth is, it really isn’t a far-fetched way to keep yourself surrounded with positive energy. Recently I just finished listening to The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer, something Jay Azeltine had recommend me to listen to. Amongst a multitude of different subconscious outlooks on things Singer writes about, the one I want to focus on is dealing with negative energy and emotions in general.

His focus is emotions have no power if we do not feed them energy. If you were to compare yourself to a car going down the highway, if you’re filled with positivity you’ll feed the car more energy, therefore the car will travel faster and perform better. If you take a car filled with negativity, and you feed it the same amount of energy into it, the car will become sluggish and not travel as far or as fast. This should make you think hard. Why are you upset about the guy cutting you off? What differences to you does that make overall? Why are you mad that you missed that lift? Is it because that’s what you wanted, don’t feed into the negativity of missing that lift. Feed into the positivity that you can come back again and take that lift, this time with more emotional energy into it. This is with anything that can seem negative or downward. Any situation imaginable can go up or down, it’s just how you want to perceive it. Life changing events like getting fired from your job, eviction notice for your house, and an extreme as losing a loved one, all can have positive outlooks on them if you only feed the energy into positive emotion. Being fired from your job? An opportunity to grow elsewhere, do something you wanted to do. Eviction from your house? Time to re-plan and move to something better for you. Losing a loved one? Take the lessons you learned from them and live those lessons through to the best of your ability. 

Emotions are what you what you make them. It’s a lot easier said then done though. It will take you being self-aware enough to realize how you are feeling and why you feel that way. Once you come to accept that your feelings are just that and nothing more you’ll come to realize that .


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