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As a trainer, one of the things that bums me out the most is hearing stories of people who were pushing towards a goal and then just gave up after plateauing. Often, I’d try to help the discouraged athlete understand that there wasn’t something “special” about others who had achieved explosive power, quickness and coordination from strength training…it was just that not all methods are created equal. The lesson to be learned is not that you “can’t” achieve the same results as other athletes. The lesson to be learned is that you need more effective training.

Now with over 15 years of experience, and over a decade at the elite strength level, I’m sharing the methods that got me here. After training thousands of lifters in over two dozen countries and working with a multitude of professional athletes and general health-seekers alike, I have developed a method that produces results across all skill levels. My first day in the gym, I was the weakest kid, benching the bar and 2.5’s on each side. Fast forward a decade, and multiple Jr. and Open World Records later, I’ve benched 225 for 50+ reps. These results are attainable for you. I’ve distilled the essential information down to a twelve week course designed for you, to help you achieve the results you’ve always inspired for.


In Perfecting Percentages, You’ll Learn...

Finally Master Nutrition

This book offers the nutritional insight and information you need to achieve the body and performance that have been eluding you.