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One of the most rewarding parts about learning more about anything is when the time comes that you get to pass on some of your acquired knowledge to others. What’s the point of knowing everything and keeping it to yourself? The right, and best, thing to do is take what you know and share it with those around you and try to help them win as well. While it seems like this may be an easy feat when you first think about it, I have recently learned that it is anything BUT easy. You may think that you can just have someone come over and in five minutes you’ll teach them everything you know and they’ll be on your level in no time. Unfortunately, if you take this approach you’re going to end up with them being more confused than when they started and possibly discourage them altogether. I know this because I have done this personally dozens of times. No matter what you may be trying to teach to someone, you must remember where they are starting from. For me, this happens when I try to teach people anything about lifting or fitness in general. Now, I am no elite level lifter or fitness guru, but I know that I have enough knowledge to help a beginner out. Most of the people reading this are probably in the same boat. It seems every week I am inviting people over to come lift with me and I tell them that I can get them on the right track. When I finally get someone to come I never know where to start with them on trying to explain things to them. I try to make them jump right into my programming and forget that they may not understand how or why I do what I do. I forget that they struggle even understanding how to perform a basic lift, let alone why I am adding bands, chains, or other seemingly unorthodox methods to my workouts. I would either let them just be lost through my workout or I would do the exact opposite and try to fix everything at once. I’d sit there next to the bench and tell them everything wrong with their form and try to turn them into a skilled lifter in one session. But that never worked. They’d quickly get frustrated and leave disappointed in themselves and me as a “teacher.” This would result in them lacking any motivation at all to come back the next day and do it all over again. 

If you want people to truly learn from you, you have to start with the basics. If its lifting, give them a few basic tips to fix glaring issues but other than that just let them get the hang of it. Then each session you work with them start fixing more and more things and eventually overtime you’ll be amazed at how much they picked up. You can’t fix everything in one day, so don’t try. Like every other thing in life consistency is the key. Stay patient with them and keep in mind that they are starting from the beginning. After all, you had to start there too!

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