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Zach Kotecki – @ZachKoteckiFitness

Who doesn’t love a good arm pump!? One of those pumps were you feel like if you flex you might just rip the sleeves off of your shirt! This workout will have your arms feeling bigger than ever before. We’re starting with some heavy movements to start and then breaking into some volume, drop sets, and AMRAPS to pump more blood into the muscles and exhaust them. So get ready, grab your music, maybe throw on a tank top and get those arms ready for summer!

Try To Keep The Rest Between Sets To A Minimum!

** On Incline Dumbbell Curls – Perform All 12 With One Arm First And Hold Opposite Arm With Dumbbell At 90 Degrees For Isometric Hold. Then Switch Arms. 

** Hold Barbell In Both Hands In Overhand Grip With Arms Straight Down In Front Of You. Without Raising The Bar, Roll The Barbell In Your Hands 100 Forward And 100 The Opposite Way. All Without Dropping The Barbell!

1. JM Barbell Press 




Barbell Curls 


1 Drop Set Hitting 3 Different Weights For AMRAP Each Weight.

2. Incline Dumbbell Curls ** <Superset> Cross Body Hammer Curls <Superset> Tricep Dumbbell Rollbacks Off Floor 

3×12 Each

3. Tricep V Bar Pushdown <Superset> Straight Bar Cable Curls

3×15 Each 

1xAMRAP Each 

4. Banded Tricep Pushdowns 

100 Total – In Least Amount Of Sets As Possible

5. Barbell Forearm Rolls

100 Each Way ** 

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