Live In The Darkness – Dylan Spina

Dylan Spina – @DylanSpina61

A couple years ago, during a discussion after some sparring the subject of going internal came up. Usually going internal is something deemed bad, not good for winning a fight. It was said to shut the door in the face of your own demons when times get tough. This didn’t sit correctly with me at all. For me going internal is the only motivation for me. External motivation comes and goes but what’s inside never leaves. It is the true test of character, mental and testicular fortitude. Coming out on top of your demons is, to me, more satisfying then anything that can come to mind right this minute. Winning against yourself is the only battle worth fighting. Those demons you fight there are nothing compared to what you’re capable of overcoming.

There’s an old wise tale that goes like- – “A man walks upon a drunk crawling on his knees in the middle of the street under a street light. The man ask what’re you doing? The drunk replies searching for my keys. The man ask why are you only searching in light is that where you lost them, to which the drunk replies it isn’t where I lost them but it’s the only place I can see.” This speaks volumes on human thought process. Many of us enjoy the light. Many of us speak of our goals and aspirations. Not knowing how to get there but only willing to search for those ways in the light. Many of the times it’s in those dark places we are afraid to venture into in which we find our path leading us to our own determination of success. Many of us our wise in our ways, but those ways are in the light not wanting search in the dark.

Being scared of the literal dark is programmed in our DNA, it dates back to when we were cavemen fighting off bears in the wilderness for survival. Being scared of this metaphorical dark is something different. It’s the unknown, everyone shares this fear. Nobody, no matter how much they oppose this message, likes not knowing what they’re doing or not knowing how to do it. This should bring comfort in your fear. You are not alone. When you travel into the darkness, other brave souls will be there to help you along the way. Many of which have found their path in the dark.

Don’t be scared to wonder outside the coverage of the light into the unknown in the darkness, for the greatness you seek has a path in the darkness.

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