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Dylan Spina – @DylanSpina61

Every sport has its sole purpose; Something that makes it just a little different than the next that’s on the list. What makes this important to your sport is there’s something to learn from each other. Whether it’s the carry over the footwork you did for your agility for football carrying over to the baseball diamond, the conditioning work from soccer playing into your conditioning on the wrestling mat, again there’s something to take and something to give.

In the world of strength sports things are so like each other that in would be a shame if you didn’t open your mind to the possibility to better yourself in your respected sport. Recently, we decided to start breaking down and rebuilding my squat. It’s been stagnant at 420lbs for months. Id let the bar roll over top cutting me in half, id let my hips shift up first, my quads weren’t strong enough to deal with heavy singles any more, especially in the high bar squat. So, I enlisted the help of someone I knew could help with the high bar because he does it every single training session, “Olympic” Weightlifter Frank Miele. Frank has also help me write an article prior on the differences between our sports. He started giving me simple ques and slight corrections on how to grip the bar, how to start engaging my quads throughout this different style of squat that I had not been used too, but I knew he had the knowledge I sought to help fix. Now my High bar is feeling extremely confident, and is slowly creeping up to my low bar. And when the time come to hit a low bar squat, the carry over from the difference will be tremendous.

The point of this short article is to show you, by example, that not being stubborn and seeking knowledge from outside your sport can greatly benefit you. Its important to seek with an open mind the education you want. If you stay within your sport you will stay exactly what you are. What makes great lifters and athletes, great is their willingness to learn. I just want you to stay on top of your game, I want you to be better, I want you to be great. I want you to put down your ignorance, arrogance, pride and so forth and to open your mind to the possibility to learn from outside your comfort zone to better that comfort zone. You never know what you can learn, if you don’t ask and seek.

Get after it, BE BETTER!

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