Knowing Your Body Type – Trevor Scharpenberg

Knowing Your Body Type – Trevor Scharpenberg

Trevor Scharpenberg – @ScharpFitness

As a kid/teenager I never understood why most of my friends could eat whatever they wanted and still be skinny with abs. I felt like I could look at pizza and bloat up. I was never strong either but all of my friends that didn’t have freak metabolisms and abs were stronger than me. I was caught in the middle, not winning on either side.

It wasn’t until I started to read more about bodybuilding that I learned about different body types, a book that really helped me understand the whole concept was Arnold’s “Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.” If you aren’t familiar with the 3 body types, they are

  1. Ectomorph- Small and difficulty gaining weight
  2. Mesomorph- Gains muscle easily and larger muscles
  3. Endomorph- Gains muscle and fat easy and has difficulty losing fat

Don’t get it confused though, there is no one that is cut and dry one particular body type. You most likely have characteristics of two of them, but a majority from one main group. Personally, I am a mesomorph and an endomorph. I have a leaner body type but I can gain fat super easy. Knowing this gives me the ability to adapt my diet to fit my own body and my own personal needs.

For ectomorph’s stick to a high caloric diet that includes a lot of quality carbohydrates and proteins on top of sticking to a workout program that includes all of the major compound moves followed by higher volume. High volume topped with a high amount of calories should help you put on some quality size.

Mesomorph’s appear as they can eat whatever they want and look like they live in the gym. They can benefit highly from keeping calories relatively higher and power movements along with some GPP work. GPP will help keep fat off while power movements will help on that muscle density and size.

Endomorph’s have a large bone structure and struggle keeping fat off their frame. Try sticking to a little bit lower carb diet and throwing in a lot of GPP work during the week. Don’t spend hours on the treadmill. Make sure not to drop carbs too low or you will start to feel weak and tired, just enough until you start to notice success.

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