My name is Jeremy Clevenger, personal trainer at Iron Valley Barbell. I am 20 years old and a graduate of Ben Davis High School. I have been a certified personal trainer through NPTA (National Personal Training Association) since February 2018 and on staff at Iron Valley Barbell since July 2017. I have had the privelage to be around fitness and sports alike for 17 out of my 20 years of life. Growing up throughout elementary school I was a soccer/baseball fanatic. I started soccer at age 3 and baseball at age 5. I continued to play soccer until 4th grade when I was introduced to football and wrestling. I then continued with Football, Wrestling, and Baseball throughout midde school and all the way through highschool. I was a starter on the 2015 State Champion Football team at Ben David Highschool as well as a 7 time letter winner thoughout my highschool career. Since joining the staff at Iron Valley Barbell, I have had the privelage to train with/under Zach Homol.

Through this training I have learned a plethora of information from form, weakness development, as well as gaining overall strength and size. I also have competed in an NPC classic physique show, as well as my first Strongman Competition this past August. I became a personal trainer for the sole purpose of being able to help people physically change their lives, as well as watching that change carry over into their social and spiritual lives too. Growing up in sports, I was able to watch my body grow and change, but it also carried over into how I viewed myself as a human. I gained confidence in myself and became more outgoing as a person. I want to help each and every person I come in contact with change their lives physically, mentally, as well as spiritually. I have a passion for training general health seekers as well as youth/highschool level athletes.


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