My name is Jeremy Clevenger and I am the Gym Manager as well as Head Trainer at Iron Valley Barbell. I am 22 years old and a graduate of Ben Davis High School. I have been a certified personal trainer through NPTA (National Personal Training Association) since February 2018 and on staff at Iron Valley Barbell since July 2017. I have had the privilege to be invested in fitness and sports for 19 out of 22 years of my life. From a very young age, I have always had a love for sports and training. I was a 3+ sport athlete from elementary through high school and have since switched over to strength training. This type of sport has lit a newfound fire in me to become the strongest, healthiest and overall best version of myself possible.

As a result of training under Zach at Iron Valley Barbell, I have learned a plethora of information from proper positioning, weakness development, to gaining overall strength and size. I have competed in bodybuilding, as well as winning several Open Class strongman competitions, including 2019 Kentucky’s Strongest Man @ 200lbs. I became a personal trainer for the sole purpose of being able to help people physically, mentally, and spiritually change their lives. Growing up in sports I was able to watch my body grow and develop. This also carried over into how I viewed myself as a human. I gained confidence in myself and became more outgoing as a an individual. I want to help each and every person I come in to contact with change their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have a passion for training general health seekers as well as youth/collegiate level athletes.


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