IVB Spotlight – Noah Albrecht

Noah Albrecht, 20 years old, is a FedEx handler (Input) here in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is currently days away from competing in his first BodyBuilding competition ever alongside fellow IVB members Jeremy Clevenger and Zach Kotecki. Noah has been a member of Iron Valley Barbell since last summer. With work and life getting in the way he did not start consistently going to IVB until December of 2017.

When asked how did he first hear about Iron Valley Barbell, Noah said, “I heard about (IVB) through Jeremy Clevenger. I met Jeremy at Marsh Supermarket when we were 16 years old, and saw on his snapchat that he was interning at a dope local gym and (I) had to check it out.”

Along came Noah, training consistently at the gym, but he just wasn’t satisfied with everything. “I was always in awe at the old school dudes and how massive and ripped they were,” Noah stated, “however. I would have never had the courage to actually step on stage had it not been for the competitive and supportive environment of Iron Valley Barbell. Seeing Jeremy and Zach (Kotecki) in their first few weeks of prep inspired me to jump aboard.”

Preparation for the GNC Classic show on June 2nd started fourteen weeks ago for Noah. But Noah had a pre planned trip to Florida so it would set his intentional training back a couple weeks to start twelve weeks out in full effect. Six less weeks than his fellow IVB competitors. 

When asked about his mindset going into the prep Noah said he was “Hungry as hell for a win and I was excited.” But like many of his fellow competitors, around five weeks out Noah started feeling discouraged, watching the strides his fellow competitors were making was taking a toll on his mentality. “I had to realize that they also had a month ahead of me on prep, and I was comparing myself to others. That along with the massive amount of support and encouragement from all the members, coaches and friends made prep back into a positive experience for me. It was no longer about me going up and winning the trophy, it wasn’t about how I looked against any one else, it was, and is about me becoming the best version of myself.” 

Noah’s plans for the day of the show are to relax and enjoy the moment and “Support the hell out of Kotecki and Jeremy.” After game day noah plans on reverse dieting, which is a huge component coming off a strict dieting for months, and start to train for his first powerlifting meet.

“I think it’s worth noting that I have learned a massive amount about myself and fitness in general. I am sure some of that has to do with being at IVB, but being on show prep has magnified that by 10x.” 

Noah will step on stage along with IVB Head Trainer Zach Kotecki and Trainer Jeremy Clevenger Saturday June 2nd in Anderson, Indiana at the GNC Classic. 

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