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Jeremy Clevenger, 20, originally from Indianapolis, is an intern and personal trainer here at Iron Valley Barbell. He started working with Zach and Team IVB back in August 2017, day in and day out, showing up and doing what was necessary. 

A month after earning his personal training certification through the National Personal Training Association, Jeremy decided it was time to build his brand and market himself as a Personal Trainer by putting himself through a physical and mental battle of eighteen weeks of preparation for a National Physique Committee show on June 2nd, 2018. He will be competing in the Novice Classic Physique division.

Per Jeremy, he has never been lean or strong. He never adhered to any strict diet or strict training protocols. Just a fat kid at heart was all he was.

Jeremy started his eighteen weeks weighing around 190-195 lbs. When asked what his mindset was in the beginning of prep he simply stated, “I thought this was going to be easy, the first week I dropped 10 lbs. After that it started to drag on. But the only thing I kept thinking of was that date on the calendar. It kept popping in my head every time I wanted to quit.” He currently weighs around 160-165 lbs.

“I’ve been ready for the past 5-6 weeks, at this point the training has been taking its toll. The weather was getting hotter, the sessions were getting harder, meals were getting stricter, but not terribly strict. Jay had me eating well which helped a lot.”

“Thinking about that date on the calendar is a huge motivational factor when it comes to working your tail off. No matter if it’s in the gym or at work personally.”

On game day, Jeremy will wake up at 4am and start eating every two hours till its time to go on stage where he will enjoy long awaited sour patch kids to help refill his his muscles to help him look more full. Pre-Judging starts at 10 where it will last at most 15 minutes for his class. When he makes it to finals, confidence is key here, he will perform a sixty second routine to show off to the judges. His final package, his 18 weeks of hard work for at most 16 minutes on stage. Jeremy states he’s, “Ready to win. I deserve to win. I’ve worked too damn hard. Staying overnight posing when others are sleeping. Training at 100% daily, and cheating only when allowed and within guidelines. It’s mine to win.”

As for Jeremy’s plan for after the show, he doesn’t plan on competing in a physique show for another two years, focusing on powerlifting after the show. The reasoning behind that decision is to help build and pack on the dense muscle to bring an even better package next time he steps on stage hopefully weighing around 180-190 in the next two years. And possibly compete every two years following. 

Jeremy is all of twenty years young and has a bright prospering future ahead of him.

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