IVB Spotlight – Jarrin Milakovic

Jarrin Milakovic – @Jarrin35

Jarrin became a member of Iron Valley Barbell in August after hearing about it from a guy at the local YMCA. After looking it up and realizing that the type of environment was exactly what he needed, he showed up for a Saturday Leg Day. That one training session was enough to convince him to become a member the same day.

In terms of his favorite aspects of the gym, “there are so many. The people have to be #1 though.” He admits that, at first, he was intimidated by some of the guys but after opening up and getting to know them, they’re some of the nicest people he’s ever met. “I then realized that the members here are on another level when it comes to lifting knowledge. I’ve learned so much from the members here that has brought my game up 10x.”

His squat has went from 500 to the mid-500s, bench from 315 to mid-300s and deadlift from 500 to mid-500s. Outside of physical strength, he has grown in other ways as well. “Mentally I’m more of a supportive person since I came to IVB. My focus on tasks has improved a ton. I’ve begun thinking about personal development on a much deeper level. Seeking much more development for myself and others.”

This is not an uncommon occurrence at Iron Valley Barbell. Jarrin has noticed that even though there are different niches of people that work out together, everyone is supportive of one another. They’re truly all in this together.

When you’re going for a big lift or PR everyone is cheering for you, internally and externally. At a lot of gyms most people want to see others fail to make themselves feel better. It’s the total opposite here.”

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