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Dylan Spina – @DylanSpina61

We always say the phrase, “Raise your expectations.” Which in respect applies to I’d say 95% of situations you are dealt with. The other 5% are the extremes. Situation where you sit and want something from someone or something, but don’t expect anything and give 110%.

On the most recent episode of “The Zach Homol Show”, Zach and I talked about expectations, within going to a place to learn. We talked about my experiences when I came to Iron Valley Barbell. I came here with the sole intention of just learning from the crew, as stated in the Podcast. I just wanted to watch them do their thing. Maybe move plates for them and not speak a word until spoken too first. Id ask my new (current) roommate Kotecki, “when does Homol and the crew expect to train?” He’d give me the period, and I’d show up 2 hours early and get mine in and wait to watch the crew, granted I could afford to do this recently moved to the new city and school hadn’t started yet. About 2 weeks went on before Kotecki asked me if I wanted to join the crew while they trained. I said yes of course.

I showed up, stripped and added on most of the plates for the crew and just went to work the only way I knew how: hard. This went on for weeks. Not expecting anything more than that and being grateful every day I walked in to train.

Weeks went on and I started my own blog, because I felt there was a need for me to my words out there for the world to read.  After my first post, the team got to read it and Homol asked me if I wanted to contribute to create content articles for www.ironvalleybarbell.net. Recognizing the opportunity and realizing it was a chance to add value to the team, I immediately said yes.

As time went on, I kept going full steam ahead on the tasks that were assigned to me, more and more opportunities came up and the cycle would repeat itself.

This holds true in more than the gym itself. My best friend since 10th grade, who joined the Marine Corps with me and stuck by my side for the past 8 years has a similar story. He was the one who introduced me to Zach’s content and eventually told me to, like underscore says, “Make the Jump.” But, for me, it was my turn for me to tell him to do the same.

He had an internship opportunity for a business job he wanted to learn from. The internship was 3 months at first and contingent on his performance, he could have a full-time job. He wasn’t expecting anything but to work where he was needed. During his time there, they also hired another intern. Similar background to ours, and after about a month there that intern quit because he was expecting way more then what was being offered at the time. My best friend kept working doing his thing and he got recognized. Not expecting anything but to work for 3 months and he got offered the full-time position. Just by showing up and expecting absolutely nothing in return.

At this current time, I myself am doing way more than just watching the crew train. I am now one of Zach’s main training partners along with Alex Skinner. I’m still a content creator for the website (why you’re reading this lol) and write the programming for the Military Training under the guidance of Zach. And the future only looks brighter. But I’m not expecting anymore then what I have because I’m extremely grateful for this position I am in.

Moral of both stories: DON’T EXPECT SHIT IN RETURN BUT GIVE 100% OF YOURSELF, and you’ll be amazed at what can present itself.

Don’t stop working, don’t stop trying, keep your head down, eyes up and feet running. Because I guarantee if you do, you’ll be BETTER!

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