Former United States Marine Corps Sergeant now Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach for all athletes, Powerlifting Prep Coach and Nutritional Specialist at Iron Valley Barbell. I wake up everyday excited to help individuals attain their well thought out goals and ambitions through fitness and nutrition. In the six plus years of being consumed in the space, I’ve enjoyed watching others further better themselves physically and watching them take what they’ve learned and carry it over to daily tasks. This is where they continually crush their goals because of the discipline and confidence instilled by physical training and nutrition.

I truly believe that my calling in life is to help improve others lives. Being a personal trainer & health coach is my outlet to doing just that. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of people across the entire world. Helping them pursue their health & wellness goals. I’ve learned a lot from this coaching experience that I can apply to new clients. Constantly learning & looking for ways to help clients achieve their goals.


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