The Complete Deadlift Guide is the single best tool to take your deadlift from average to GREAT. You will notice a dramatic decrease in the amount of pain in your low back/hips as you learn the correct form and proper positioning for the deadlift, along with adding EXTRA POUNDS to the bar and more confidence each time you walk up to it.


Reduce/completely eliminate
back pain.

Learn to deadlift effectively per your body type.

Dramatically increase your deadlift


“The biggest thing Zach has helped me with on improving my deadlift is understanding my leverages more rather than just yanking the bar off the floor. He’s helped me understand the importance of a proper set up and how much more power can be distributed when loading the proper muscle groups prior and during the lift.” – Jose P.

“Zach has exponentially grown my deadlift over the past 3 years from a 450 max to pulling 600 for reps. His knowledge on leverages, bio-mechanics, and overall understanding of training is second to no one. Finding and hiring Zach as a coach was by far the most influential decision of my training career and life!” – Dylan S.

“Ever since working with Zach, my understanding of the deadlift has increased exponentially. His ability to make complex movements simple is absolutely incredible, and in my opinion, this is where Zach is world class as a coach especially in the deadlift. He’s able to recognize details of movement patterns that the majority cannot as well as educated on the specific movement to turn your particular weakness into a strength.” – Tanner H.


Working with clients over the past 15 years of different body types, skill levels & goals, I have been able to study the proper positioning and technique required to maximize the deadlift. I have applied all of these tools and tips that I have learned over time and applied it to all of my athletes. This program and these principles have been ran on athletes if all types: from strongmen, powerlifters, collegiate athletes, professional athletes to general health seekers & avg. Joes- THEY WORK! All have found incredible results by applying these principles and practices.

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