Contest prep update: Peak Week! Finish the Job!  – Jeromy Bryk

Jeromy Bryk – @Bryk_Squuaadd

What’s up guys?! As I write this I’m officially 8 days away from the NPC Natural Ohio which means after a long 11 week stretch of training and dieting, peak week is finally here and it’s time to finish off the job. For this post, I wanted to fill you guys in a bit on what peak week means for a bodybuilder getting ready for a show and where I stand as far as not only my physique, but also my mentality going into whats looking like a very stacked competition.

Importance of Peak Week? 

Peak week, as it is known throughout the bodybuilding world, has gained an infamous reputation as to what makes or breaks a competitor’s contest prep. In short, peak week is the time to put the finishing touches on the finished product to be at our best on stage. Peaking for a bodybuilding show, just like peaking for a photo shoot or peaking for a Powerlifting meet, is a complex process and many competitors, (myself included) have fallen into the trap of doing drastic things last minute to get themselves into perfect condition at the last second. Instead of any last minute tricks, (aside from sodium and water depletion), my coach and I will be taking a very conservative approach heading into the peak, as we believe that since my conditioning is on point, all I can really do from here is lose the 4 lbs of water weight needed to make weight and tighten up! We are not fixing anything if it’s not broken.

Peak Week Mentality: 

Despite a reduction in training volume and cardio this week, I’m not taking my foot off of the throttle leading into the show. In order to make weight my attention to detail on my diet has got to be near perfect. If I don’t make weight I am not eligible to compete, so the stakes are certainly high here. However, weight cuts are not new to me, as I have done several large ones for powerlifting so I am confident the weight will come off and I will be fine! I also will be focusing hard on my posing this week to bring out as much detail as I can in my physique. I refuse to give an inch on something like posing, which requires more discipline as a practice than anything. At this point I know my competition is out there working hard to bring their best and I refuse to be outworked.

Overall, I am fully confident in what I am bringing to the stage and very excited. I’ve come a long way in the last 12 weeks and can’t thank everyone enough for the support through this process! As of right now it’s time to finish the job, and I’m excited to share with you guys the finished result!

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