Contest Prep Update: 8 Weeks Out! – Jeromy Bryk

Jeromy Bryk – @Bryk_Squuaadd

What’s up guys! Wanted to check in and give you my second update on my contest prep for my return to the stage on March 31 of this year. As I write this I am 8 weeks out of the competition and, so far, I am enjoying the process and all it’s had to offer me. Like I mentioned in the first installment of this series, my goals right now are mostly physique related, but that doesn’t mean that I am slowing down on my goals of becoming one of the strongest humans on the planet. Instead, I am on a quest to have both world class strength and aesthetics. Here are how things have gone the last couple of weeks!

Diet/Physique Updates: 

As of right now my weight is down from 197 just over a month ago when I began the cut to right around 185-186 when I wake up in the morning. Diet wise the game plan has not changed. I can’t give out too much detail here because I do not want to give all of my coach’s secrets away lol. My coach by the way is 3 time Men’s Physique Olympia qualified athlete Michael Anderson. The man knows his stuff better than just about any coach I have ever been around, so I am in very good hands.

However,  I will say that right now my calories are sitting right around 2600 a day, the same as where they were when beginning the prep and I have managed to continue to lose around 1-1.5 lbs a week so far while keeping moderate carbs, protein and lower fats in my diet. I definitely feel that the amount of carbs I have in my diet right now has done well in keeping me energized and full over all without sacrificing too much of my lifting performance. Up to this point I have learned how well my body responds to a high amount of carbs and the results so far have reflected that.

Training Updates: 

Training has gotten increasingly more difficult over the last 4 weeks, as can be expected.

While I am using a lot of Bodybuilding style rep schemes on my accessory movements, I am still training with Powerlifting as the core of my programs and am training my 3 main lifts no different than I would when getting ready for a Powerlifting meet in hopes of maintaining, or even gaining strength, as I go along. With my training weight in the mid 180s at this point, I will say that I have noticed my leverages changing on the main movements. This has proved to be a challenge for me on my squat and bench press as these movements for me are highly effected by how much weight I am holding on my body. I worked up to 515×4 for a set on squats this past Saturday and grinded through a 325 close grip press on Thursday. While these lifts felt heavier than normal, I’m happy with these numbers given the situation I am putting myself in, and are overall a good sign that my numbers will go right back to where they were when I put some weight back on after the show.

In some cases the change in leverages has been a good thing, as I have noticed my positioning in my conventional and sumo Deadlift is improved compared to training at 200+ lbs and this has led me to new rep PRs over the last 2 weeks including 635×3 on sumo block pulls.

Overall, I can say things are progressing along quite well. At 8 weeks out I am the leanest I have been in a long while and am confident in bringing a competitive Physique to the stage while maintaining as much strength as I can! Can’t wait to share more of the process as it moves along!

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