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Zach Homol – @ZachHomolPower 

This has been a very productive week for me! We are starting to set dates for our charity events, business has been good, training has been extremely intense on POWERBUILDING THE 24/7 PUMP and, oh yeah, I decided to start doing hot yoga, ha! 

My life is starting to smooth out right now, which has been great for my mental. The last quarter of 2017 was a very challenging few months for me due to some personal reasons, so I’ve enjoyed my life as it’s begining to fall back into normalcy. But, it didn’t take long (2 months to be exact) before I began to realize I was becoming complacent in my work, relatively speaking. Through this time I was continuing to grow myself mentally, physically and spiritually, but was able to maintain some “contentment” in my life. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying this time. But, I could tell it wasn’t going to be long before I had to light a fire under my ass. I’m like a dog chasing a car- I love to run and run and run, but once I get to the car, the fun is over. I love the chase! I love having an objective set in front of me and working through the process of achieving it. Though, once I achieve it, I’m bored with it, and ready for a new chase. ((God bless Ash for dealing with this craziness that is me)) I can relate this clear back to my childhood. I remember building my first Tree House, I was so pumped to get it built then play in it. Then, once the tree house was built, I realized I had more fun building it, compared to playing in it.

I began to realize the last few weeks just how well everything was starting to go. It felt great, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been striving to be in this specific position for over 3 years since moving to Indy. Realistically, I’ve been striving my entire life to be in the position I am in now. I’m very blessed and thankful. So now that I am here, now what? The crazy thing with being a visionary is that I have already envisioned this moment so as I came closer to reaching it, my vision began to change. It became bigger. Now that I’m here, I’m preparing for what is next. 

So how do I take that next step on this path? This is a question I have been pondering for a few weeks so I am excited to share what I have came up with that I believe is going to help take me to the next level!

Below is a list of actions I’ve created for myself to challenge me to reach for what is next in my life.  

1: Get a Accountability Partner. 

 -Someone who is going to help hold me accountable for the small, yet very important things in my life that I don’t always want to do. Or neglect to do.

2: Set stricter and slightly more challenging deadlines:

 -I have always been very flexible with my deadlines. This can be a bit of a blessing and a curse. If I don’t hit a deadline I tend not to get too stressed over it. Stress is not good so keeping it out of my life as often as possible is great for my mental state. On the flip side, no deadlines = limited progress. I’ve now set in place slightly more strict deadlines that will help me reach my goals quicker while still limiting my stress.

3: Join a group: 

 -I joined a men’s group through my Church. The group I am a part of are other influential men who are striving to level up their lives as well. I know very little about each of these men as I have just met them, that is really where I have noticed my growth. In groups, hard conversations tend to get brought up. Sharing hard conversations with a group of men is challenging, period. Let alone a group of influential men I have only met a handful of times. I highly encourage this! It’s been an experience I will never forget and I will always be a part of a small group of some sort! 

4: Get uncomfortable more: 

 -It’s easy for me to get comfortable. Truly the only way for me to stay uncomfortable is to be constantly putting myself in what I believe are uncomfortable situations. Every situation I’m in more than once starts to feel more and more comfortable. I have to stay on my toes, be self aware and be willing to constantly challenge myself. 

-I picked up Yoga this week. For an immobile, hard nosed-powerlifter this was way out of my comfort zone heading in. I had an absolute blast. Love how my body is feeling after each session and I’m excited to keep it in my rotation! 

5: Wake up earlier.

 -This can be slightly contradicting. Ash and I like to stay up late so I tend to sleep in a little longer and work more of an afternoon shit. My start time at work is typically 8:30-9 and I work till 9 p.m. Truly, I’m working all hours I am awake whether it is engaging on social media or answering emails, I’m always doing something. But, I knew it was time to start extending my actual hours of “work.” I’m thankful that my “work” isn’t “work” to me. By doing this I am going to begin waking up just an hour or so earlier each morning and adding an extra objective to my day each week. For me this is going to look like: More Vlogs, Articles, Exclusive News Letter Content and other objectives! 

Every action I have listed above is just that, an ACTION. This is not something I plan on doing, rather, something that I am doing. Going in the right direction starts WITH A STEP. We must go to see what is ahead. We must be willing to do things we don’t typically do if we plan to reach heights we have never been.


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