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A few weeks ago I wrote about different body types and not understanding why some of my friends could eat however they wanted but manage to keep a lean figure 24/7. We discussed the 3 body types but another factor that explains why they are able to do this is something called metabolism. You’ve most likely heard of it before, but what truly is it and how can we speed it up?

Metabolism, by definition, is “the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life.” Which, in everyday terms, means all of the things that go on inside your body and how much energy you use during the day. If your metabolism is higher you burn more calories while at rest, meaning you could lay on the couch and still burn calories.

This means that we want a higher metabolism, we could eat more and stay leaner while gaining muscle. Here are a few ways you can increase yours

  • Eat more protein

Eating smaller meals throughout the day can increase your metabolism. Constantly feeding your body means that your body is constantly working. The best analogy I have heard compares our body to a fire. If you want a fire to keep burning, the best way to do that is to constantly put wood on it throughout the day. Not large amounts only 1-2 times.

  • Take B vitamins

The main role of B vitamins are to break down and metabolize carbs, protein, and fats. Making sure you get an adequate amount of B vitamins could be the deciding factor on if you have a speedy metabolism or not.

  1. Lift heavier

Lifting heavier and more intensely while drastically increase your metabolism. It has been scientifically backed that muscle does burn more calories than fat, therefor lift more to burn more.

Try these out to get that metabolism revved up. Until next time, much love

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