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About Me

 Zach fell in love with fitness at the age of 16 when he nearly became paralyzed from a fractured C3 vertebrae in his neck. Once healed he has dedicated his life to staying active and helping others through fitness. Zach has been learning and training with elite powerlifter and owner of Iron Valley Barbell, Zach Homol for a year now and has been lifting weights since he was 15. Zach H has not only shared over a decades worth of training knowledge with Zach but also has instilled in him how to be successful outside of the gym as well. Zach is also a content producer for Outside of fitness his hobbies include listening to self-development podcasts, going to sporting events and enjoying time with family and friends. 

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"I will work with you step by step helping you find a driving force to ensure your goals are met. You will finish a stronger person both mentally and physically. Once you fill out the application I will contact you directly within 24 hours to set up a starting day!"

1 on 1 Online Training

  • Pricing: $225 for 4 weeks
  • Online Training and Nutrition Planning
  • (See features below)


  • B.S. in Exercise Science and Fitness Management
  • CPR Certified

Personal Training at IVB

  • $40 per session (Min. 2 sessions per week)

- OR -

  • 12 pack sessions for $450 (ONLY $37.50 per session)

1 on 1 Online Training Features

Personalized Programs

You'll receive a personalized 4 week workout program.

Meal Plan

Detailed meal list with recommendations.

Lift Breakdowns

Video Critique and Accessory Movements based on weak areas from lift breakdowns.

Weekly Motivation

You'll receive weekly motivation to keep you going strong.


Unlimited access for questions via e-mail.

Weekly Check-Ins

Every week we will do a check in to monitor progress.


1 on 1 Online Training Application