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Iron Valley Barbell has quickly built it's reputation as a Must-Visit Destination Gym with visitors from over 30 states and 3 countries making the long commute to experience the atmosphere and work ethic inside of these 4 walls. We realize that it isn't practical, or possible, for everyone that wants this experience to make it to the Iron Valley daily but that doesn't mean your training has to be any less intense. 

International Elite and World Record Holder, Zach Homol, owner of Iron Valley Barbell, is a world renowned strength trainer, training athletes in over 14 countries! 

Zach offers a wide variety of programming listed below. Search through each E-book below to find out which plan fits your specific goals!  No matter what your goal is, we have you covered from programming, nutrition plans, video exercise breakdowns and more. Together, no goal is too big! 

"My total is up 120 lbs in 4 months! You've earned a life long supporter." - Carter

"PowerGainz results in just 8 weeks! Bench 275 --> 300, Deadlift 405 -->445" - Logan

"Repping my old bench max for sets 6 weeks into PowerShredz and down 5 lbs!! Your program never disappoints." - Mike