Power Shredz Vol. 2

•Bigger 25%

•Stronger 35%

•Leaner 40%

What’s Included?

-8 Week Program 

-2 Nutrition plans ((CLEAN MASS and LEAN & MEAN)) 

-Full Grocery list with macronutrient breakdown  

-Full exercise guide explanations 

-Private video library with in depth exercise breakdowns  

-Programming Explanation

Power Shredz Volume 2! The results and feedback from Power Shredz Vol. 1 were unparalleled! I decided to revamp the program and make another one! With this program our primary focus is getting lean, but we put a heavier focus on also packing on a little more size and strength. Either option you go with you won’t be disappointed! I added in new methods that I’ve been working on which includes a much more in-depth dynamic warm up. From there I applied more of my powerlifting philosophies to this program compared to the original.The strength results that have came back have been amazing! This program will challenge you to BRING IT! 

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