Welcome to POWERSHREDZ VOL. 2! I’ve been at the edge of my seat writing this programming and cannot wait for you to dive into this! Powershredz Vol. 1 has become my best selling Ebook of 2017 & I can’t thank you guys enough for choosing to learn from me. With Ebooks sold in over a dozen countries, Powershredz has proven to reap ridiculous results! The idea of becoming STRONGER & LEANER at the same time had seemed far fetched for many. We proved them wrong quickly by running Powershredz Vol. 1

Personally, as I ran Powershredz Vol. 1, I was watching my physique change almost weekly while my strength continued to increase. Squatting and deadlifting over 650 pounds for reps and benching over 450, while staying under 190lbs I knew this programming and methods where special. But, like anything I’ve done, I knew it could be better as I continued to learn and progress throughout the year. Nearly 7 months after the release of PowerShredz Vol. 1 I have now developed Powershredz Vol. 2! I spent countless hours picking my brain on structuring a more efficient program than the one I had previously wrote by using the plethora of new skills, methods and understandings that I’ve acquired, not only from the past 7 months since writing the first Ebook, but through searching through all of my old philosophies and methods I’ve used over the last decade and a half. I’ve created a program like nothing you’ve ever ran before; a program that will not only deliver the results you want, but will challenge you mentally as well. Throughout the next 8 weeks you will find your body to be leaning out, seeing results in areas you’ve never seen before, while increasing the weight on the bar week after week! You’ll be challenged daily, creating a mental toughness you may have never had before. The mental toughness and self accomplishment you will feel from PowerShredz Vol. 2 will then begin to carry over into your life outside of the gym. You’ll find yourself more confident amongst your peers, in the work place and at typical functions. You’ll find yourself attracting more like-minded individuals whom are on the same path as you, who will level you up in your life even more. This programming will not only increase your strength and physical appearance, but your entire way of life.

2018 is not just YOUR YEAR, 2018 is THE PIVTOL YEAR THAT LEVELED YOUR LIFE UP FOREVER! It’s time we take charge. It’s time we take this shit even more serious. It’s time we become who we’ve always been destined to become.
THE BEST VERSION OF OURSELF is waiting for us, somewhere in 2018. We are going to find OURSELVES there, and it all starts HERE!!

WINTHEDAY 1 day at a time, each week, each month, for the rest of the year! LET’S SET THE TONE!!!!!

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