Cut It Out | Advanced



-Each day should take you about an hour to complete 

-4 week program

-5 days a week for the advanced athlete 

-Each exercise broke down with proper form in high def picture 

-Step by step explanation on dieting and how to track your weight loss

2 different meal plans:

-1st Meal plan: different meals provided to help assist your results

-2nd Meal Plan: Intermittent fasting explained and sampled out for an alternative nutrition plan to help assist your results

Also a nutrition/grocery list provided to help stick to healthy eating habits

Ladies you will enjoy not having to think about what to do in the gym. The workout is here, the form breakdown is here and soon the results will be yours! We have it programmed specifically for you females wanting to cut out that back and bra fat, tone up your arms, synch in your waste, and perk up your glutes. I have been running this program on myself and my clients and the results don’t lie. Stick to our program, stick to our meal plan, stay consistent, and put in the work! Your future self will thank you. Let’s cut it out together ladies!


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