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Welcome to the 1-Week FREE Download of The PowerShredz E Book! The Powershredz program has built it’s name quickly over the past few months as the most challenging and rewarding programming by the men and women who have done it! This programming has been used to peak into powerlifting meets, get ready for a bodybuilding competitions, photo shoot preps, general health seekers and by sports specific athletes. No matter what your goal is this versatile programming will bring the best out of you, both mentally and physically!

“Every program Zach Homol comes out with is GOLD” -Ryan
“PowerShredz has added 50lbs to my total while shedding 6lbs of fat. This is the best programming I’ve ever followed.” -Rodney


“You’ve out done yourself on PowerShredz! I’m down 5lbs and set a 20lbs PR on Bench and 30 lbs PR on Deadlift, JUST 4 weeks in!” -Corey
“Old BENCH PR 365lbs at 185lbs body weight. New BENCH PR 370 at 170lbs body weight!” -Dave

“PowerShredz is NO JOKE!” -Kevin

“2 more PR’s THIS WEEK! 4 weeks into PowerShredz and my bench and deadlift have gone up 30lbs each! I’m hitting rep PR’s each week on Squat! Thanks for such a reliable program!” -Zach

“Legit PR’d on every set this week! Deadlift: 550×3 PR, 590×3 PR, 600×3 PR!” -Brad

“I’ve been at a plateau on my bench press for the longest time. I’m on week 5 of POWERSHREDZ and hit my old 1rm for 6 reps! This program is killer man!” -Tyler

“Hit 335 on squat today at 177lbs body weight. My best being 315 at 185lbs. Powershredz is amazing!” -Mark


1 review for 1 Week FREE POWERSHREDZ

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tance Lawson

    Crazy good

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