Working Through The Flu – Mason Montgomery

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Mason Montgomery – @MasonGoms

It’s flu season in the United States, and the flu tends to keep people bedridden.  In relation to training, that could mean a few things:  you’ll be out of the gym for a day or two, and when returning to the gym, it’ll take some time to get back to full strength.  I was stuck in bed throwing up for two days.  My first day back to the gym, every weight I picked up felt three times heavier.  I could’ve just given up on my workout, went home, and said “oh well, maybe tomorrow will be better.”  Instead, I pushed through and finished my workout, and you should too.  Going home would have put me back in the same place I started.  Lethargic and beat down, I would have had even less motivation to get back into the gym.  Grinding through the rest of my training session gave me more motivation to get back into the gym the next day.  Knowing I could make it through a workout where I feel like complete garbage was a big confidence boost.  Just going through the motions during a workout is still better than staying home and not going at all.

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